Velleman obsolete kit manuals

I happened to stumble upon some Velleman kits I still had laying around in a closet somewhere, but at first I could not find the manuals that came with the kits anymore. After searching my ‘manuals’ archive I retrieved the original manuals and decided to digitize them and put them online. Just before finding them again I tried to search the internet for information about these but it appears there is almost no support anymore from the manufacturer for certain of these electronic DIY-kits.

Some of them are a bit big, but I tried to scan these all at 600dpi and keep the highest possible quality.

The kits I had laying around are from way back when I was really into music and mixing so I decided to build my own audio mixer based on the Velleman kits. I liked soldering these boards but as I am not a very skilled mechanical engineer, the project halted when I was planning the case for the audio mixer.

The manuals I have digitized are for this Audio Mixer. It is rather sad no more information can be found on the internet about this remarkable DIY-kit which was available as a 6-channel or 12-channel project. If you happen to have a fully assembled 6 or 12-channel mixer, do not hesitate to contact me!

  1. Dual Input Amplifier Module – K2661

    Two input amplifiers that can be mounted in 4 different ways: mono microphone input, symmetric or asymmetric / mono line input, symmetric or asymmetric / stereo line input / stereo phono input. Each amplifier has one gain control (± 25dB).

    Click here to download the manual for the K2661.

  2. Dual Fader Module – K2662

    By using high-quality, DC controlled electronic volume controls, crackling from slide potentiometers has been completely eliminated. For each channel a PFL (Pre-fade listening) switch, a peak indicator (+3dB) and an auto start output for turntables (pulse or continuous) is available.

    Click here to download the manual for the K2662.

  3. Audi Mixer Dual Tone Control Module – K2663

    Two stereo channels on a single PCB. Independent control of :
    – balance and panning
    – bass, medium or treble tone
    – monitor level
    – effects level.
    The monitor and effects signals coming from the different tone control modules respectively are converted by the K2665 monitor and effects module, to a mono monitor output (for stage) and a mono effects output (for echo chamber etc.).

    Click here to download the manual for the K2663.

  4. Master and Headphone Module – K2664
    Stereo mixer amplifier with controls for output level, balance, treble and bass tones. Mono/stereo switch. Almost no information can be found about this one.  Although Velleman still has a reference to this kit, it does not include pcb or schematics, like my original manual.

    Click here to download the manual for the K2664.

  5. Monitor and Effects Module – K2665

    Monitor mixer amplifier (mono). Parametric equaliser with controls for attenuation, centre frequency and bandwidth to prevent microphone “howl”. Effects mixer amplifier with output level control. Effect return control to mix the processed signal directly into the master output, without using an additional input channel. Also not a lot of info about this module is provided by Velleman.

    Click here to download the manual for the K2665.

  6. Power Supply Module – K2667
    Power supply for the audio mixer. The toroidal transformer that Velleman suggested for the mixer was a 50VA with a dual 18V, 1.38A secondary coil output.

    Click here to download the manual for the K2667

  7. Dual Stereo VU Meter Module – K2668

    This module contains 2 stereo VU meters with 2 x 5 LED indicators.

    Click here to download the manual for the K2668.

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